Connect With the Sisters

Did a Sister of the Holy Child teach you in elementary school, high school, or college? Have we served in your parish or community? Perhaps you have never met one of us, but you are in search of a community to share your passion for prayer and service. Whatever has brought you here, we hope to connect with you.

We invite you to read some of the Sisters’ stories and connect with them via e-mail. Simply click on the photos below. Also consider becoming an Associate or a Sister of the Holy Child, getting involved in our service projects, and praying with us.

Sr. Agnes Connors, SHCJ (M. M. Genevieve)
Sr. Agnes Connors
(M. M. Genevieve)
Sr. Jane Dawley, SHCJ (Sr. M. Walter) Sr. Jane Dawley
(Sr. M. Walter)
Sr. Veronica Grover, SHCJ (M. M. Agnese)
Sr. Veronica Grover
(M. M. Agnese)
Sr. Rosemary Hayes, SHCJ (M. Francis Jerome)
Sr. Rosemary Hayes
(M. Francis Jerome)
Sr. Edwina Menten, SHCJ (M. M. Edwina)
Sr. Edwina Menten
(M. M. Edwina)
Sr. Mary O'Connell, SHCJ (M. M. Alma)
Sr. Mary O'Connell
(M. M. Alma)
Sr. Alice Penrose, SHCJ (M. M. Dermot)
Sr. Alice Penrose
(M. M. Dermot)
Sr. Pat Phillips, SHCJ (M. Clement Mary)
Sr. Pat Phillips
(M. Clement Mary)
Sr. Joan Rigney, SHCJ (M. M. Martin)
Sr. Joan Rigney
(M. M. Martin)
Sr. Jane Roach, SHCJ (M. M. Concepta)
Sr. Jane Roach
(M. M. Concepta)
Sr. Margaret Rogers, SHCJ (M. M. Cosmas)
Sr. Margaret Rogers
(M. M. Cosmas)
Sr. Anne Phyllis Ryan, SHCJ (M. M. Julian)
Sr. Anne Phyllis Ryan
(M. M. Julian)
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