Drawing Cornelia’s Story

October 11, 2016

The Society is celebrating 170 years this week.

Art has always held a special place within the tradition and spirit of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, especially as part of a Holy Child education. SHCJ founder Cornelia Connelly was an artist who saw all forms of artistic endeavors as invitations to experience the wonder, beauty and love of our unseen God.

France White, SHCJ, in addition to her Blank Cards and Prints and Christmas Cards, illustrated the book A Generous Love, which tells the story of Cornelia. Click on the titles to download A Generous Love and Un Amor Generoso.

Two drawings from the book that are related to our founding feast dates of October 13 and 15 are below.

Pierce tells Cornelia his plans in the cemetery behind the parish church and between St Charles, where Pierce was making retreat, and Gracemere.
Cornelia considering the name of the society.



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