Celebrating 169 Years of the Society

October 13th and 15th are two important dates for the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. These days mark the foundation of the Society 169 years ago (1846) at Derby in England by Venerable Cornelia Connelly; a woman of outstanding courage and love for Christ.

That seed sown by Cornelia has continued to flourish. Over the years, the Society has been serving the mission of the church and meeting the needs of the time in three continents: namely Africa, the Americas and Europe.


These significant dates were marked in a special way in SHCJ communities the world over as well as a number of schools and ministries where the SHCJ live and work.

For the Society in the African Province: SHCJ communities in Nigeria, Ghana, Tchad, Kenya, Cameroun queued into the celebrations. It was an enriching experience reflecting on the uniqueness of our beginning in the Spirit of the year in chapter as well as 85 years of presence of the Society in the African province:

In the Lagos Archdiocese of Nigeria, Keffi Street, Obalende and Ajegunle communities had a grace-filled moment.

The Community in Otukpo was not left out.

Here is what the atmosphere was in the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Dominican Community.

In Ghana, this day was memorable for the Candidacy Community. They had this to share.

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