Celebration of 2015 St. Edward’s and St. Theresa’s Feasts in Lagos

By Sr. Ann Schulte, SHCJ

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord.” This was certainly what happened in our chapel in Keffi Street as we were about 30 sisters present there on 15th October to celebrate the Feast of St. Theresa!


The number was due to the fact that Sisters had come for a workshop on ” Quickbooks” to help with the work of the treasurers in the different communities. Hence we sang in different languages and the sisters were able to break into harmonious parts. Further we were able to pick up different instruments to provide the music, such as the drums, tambourine and some other instruments.

Our Chaplain, Fr. Paul Ayeni, the Administrator of St. Gregory’s the boys Catholic College, just over the road from us, was the chief celebrant and he had been told about the meaning of this day to SHCJ sisters, so he adapted his homily to the situation. Other visiting priests and Sister joined to make the number 36.


Owing to the workshop, we had decided to celebrate the two feasts together on 15th October, alongside the sisters from Holy Child College community who joined us. In fact they had had a “holiday” as recently the tradition of the top class taking over the running of the school has been restored so there was a whole new set of “teachers” there!

One of our sisters, went over to the administration block pretending that she was looking to get their order for school sandals!   She met the “Administrator” who was very efficient, and at the end said she would have to meet her council about this! Another sister went over pretending that she wanted to register her daughter to come into the school, and she too was surprised at how efficiently she was received.!   Even the real Administrator, Sr, Rosemary Ify Atuegbu, went over just to see how things were going, and was happily surprised to find out how quiet everywhere was in the school, under the new “teachers”!


It was a significant gathering with much to be grateful to God for..

I think that just about summed up the feelings of all of us as we had now celebrated another St. Theresa’s Feast on the 169th year since the First Mass was celebrated in Derby, 1846.


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