Sisters in Abuja Celebrate Society’s Anniversary

1 July 2021

North Central Zone Celebrates  175th Anniversary of the Society

What a wonderful and spirit-filled celebration for the SHCJs living in Abuja. The sisters in the North Central zone marked the Jubilee celebrations on the 8th of May 2021. 

The celebration started with a Holy Mass said by Fr. Peter Chidolue, SJ. In his reflection, he encouraged the congregation to keep the Holy Spirit alive, the Spirit that we saw and joined the Society and continue to be the light that would attract others to the Society. He added that “As Cornelia Connelly was ‘kidnapped’ by the Holy Spirit to found the Society, we are to follow her footsteps in being witnesses for Christ and always be good ambassadors of the Society in whatever mission we find ourselves. 

The Gidan  Mangoro community that hosted the celebration was full to its capacity by forty-two people who came to share in our joy, represented as follows: our Jesuit brothers from Loyola Jesuit College, Gidan Mangoro, the Holy Family Sisters, Nativity Sisters, Carmelite sisters, the parish of St. Joseph Mukasa Gidan Mangoro, a Jesuit parish, the Parish Priests of St. Kevin’s Catholic Church, Jikwoyi and his assistants, all from our deanery. Our faithful Associate, Mr. Cyril Chukwu was also present. All the SHCJs in Abuja were at the celebration except two students preparing for their exams. 

The peak of the celebration was the cutting of the anniversary cake. It was fun as every community, including the communities of the guests, was called upon to cut the cake.  Nobody was left out; it was so full of fun that many of the guests were relaxed and enjoyed their stay. 

On Sunday, the 9th of May, 2021, the Sisters had a thanks-giving in our local parish, St. Joseph Mukasa, Gidan Mangoro. They presented the gifts of bottles of Altar wine and hosts to the Church. The parish priest gave the Sisters the opportunity to talk about vocation to the congregation. Sr. Mary Alexander, the zonal vocation liaison person, seized the opportunity to speak to the people about our Society and the anniversaries in particular. 

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