SHCJ Attend Media Seminar for Religious Women

15 June 2016

By Stephanie Ugwu, SHCJ

Recently a number of Holy Child  Sisters living and working in Lagos Archdiocese Nigeria joined their counterparts from other Congregations in a one day media for nuns titled: The Catholic Nun in a Digital Age.

The workshop explored how Sisters can engage the tools of the social media to make their apostolates more effective. Statistics show monthly visitors on Facebook at 1,100,000, YouTube 1,000,000,000, Twitter 310,000,000, Google 120,000,000, and LinkedIn 100,000. This staggering number is also yearning for God’s Word, hope and encouragement from the church and can not be ignored.

The mandate we have to take the good news to the ends of the earth, no doubt includes the Cyberspace. It is clear that the church needs social media to evangelize in today’s world. Speakers at the event pointed out that there is need to bring more awareness of our mission. We (Sisters) are the ones to tell our stories otherwise, how can people be part of us and support us if they are not clear about what we do?

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