I am a witness! Thanks to Holy Child School!

By Genevieve Ebere Ibedum SHCJ         GENEVIEVE EBERE IBEDUM, SHCJ

Receiving a holistic education and training at Holy Child Secondary School Marian Hill Calabar, as well as having a first hand and a personal experience of Cornelia Cornella’s Philosophy of Education, is indeed the best gift ever granted to me.

It was purely providential that I found myself in a Holy Child School because I came to Calabar with the intention of attending the University of Calabar Secondary School which was meant to begin that year but it never commenced until three years after, and by then I had fallen in love with Holy Child, the Sisters, teachers and that joyful and fun filled atmosphere for which every Holy Child School is known for. Hence my answer was a decisive and vehement ‘NO’ when I was asked if I would like to leave Holy Child to another.

This decision was actually a stepping stone in my life because in my continued stay in Holy Child, I discovered that there was a great difference between Holy Child and other schools around, each individual student was loved, cherished and given maximum attention. I was trusted, loved, valued, believed in and was made to believe in myself. We were taught to carry ourselves like ladies, an elderly teacher even volunteered to teach us how to walk, talk in public and even how to dress well, it was worthwhile.

We were equally groomed to possess self-confidence and to be the best of who we are and of course to strive each day to be ourselves but to make that self what God wants it to be. Singing was not left out and I loved it so. I was thrilled at the motherly formation that gradually but steadily transformed the ignorant, shy, little girl to what I am today from ‘’a Holy Child Student to a Holy Child Sister’ ’Therefore, I do not mince words when I tell everyone that’’ whatever I am today, I was made at Holy Child Secondary School”. Moreover, every aspect of my life was noticeably touched within the six years I spent there especially spiritual, academic, moral, psychological and social life.

Nevertheless, there were moments of disorientation especially at the initial stage for there were so many things to be dropped and others to be learnt like; character formation, and formation of the conscience, academics, spiritual, moral and socials etc. It was not just a bed of roses, for there were moments of challenges and the normal ups and downs of school life. These did not weigh me down but served as avenues for further growth.

Finally, I owe a great deal to Holy Child School, the SHCJ Sisters who tutored me then and thereafter, I feel so privileged to be given this unmerited favor because I don’t really know what would have become of me if not for the all-round formation and foundation which they laid for me early in life.

The good works of the Holy Child sisters is highly commendable, especially in the lives of young people, I gained a lot through my contact with them and gradually as happens in every divine call, a deep longing developed within me to join hands with the Sisters in forming the younger ones, especially the girl child, to help them in becoming the best of who they are, by passing on to them all that was given to me as a growing child in a Holy Child School. Finally, I passionately encourage other young HOPSANS who feel called by God into the religious life to hesitate no more but consider sending in their applications so that together we can carry on this great work which our Mother, Cornelia Connelly left for us.


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