Holy Child College Lagos Term Highlights

17 April, 2019

Here are some highlights of the 2018-19 term at Holy Child College Lagos.

The 5th of April, 2019 marked Speech and Prize giving day. It was televised live and was headline at the evening network news on AIT African Independent Television. Seen are Sr. Antoinette Opara, Administrator, and Sr. Philomena Aidoo, African Province leader.


The inauguration of the new prefects of Holy Child College Lagos on the 16th February, 2019  was a beautiful ceremony. the ritual was quite symbolic – the girls anchor their trust on the  ‘’Little Monarch’’of the  School” the Holy Child Jesus for the wisdom and graces to be of service to Him through their fellow students.



This was another special event of the term, Cornelia was creatively celebrated, some of the the girls painted her portrait beautifully and other art works in her honour. The book “Tell the World it’s a Girl” unveiled same day was written in honour of Society founder Cornelia Connelly by one of them.


There was also the 74th Inter-house sports competition of Holy Child College Lagos.

The induction ceremony for new intakes of the 2018/2019 session.

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