Holy Child College, Ikoyi Holds International Community Day 

13 December, 2021


The previous year 2020 remains a memorable one for the entire human race, as the Corona Virus Disease shut down every activity across the globe. Before the emergence of the pandemic, one would hardly believe that there could be a situation where every human face one common challenge. This is enough evidence that regardless of our different locations across the globe, we are one large community.

The pandemic struck, but, we stood, not independently as Nigerians or Brazilians, but as one. We considered the pandemic, not a National emergency, but a global one and we fought back strong because of that harmony. The pandemic was a sad occurrence, but, with it came the enlightenment about the essence of global harmony and the realization of how small our dear world is. Hence, the theme for this year’s International Community day reads “ Global Harmony: A choice to be embraced”.

Global Harmony, in this context refers to a state of agreement, accord and oneness across the world.

The world as we have it today, is full of so many Cultural and Religious disparities, which gradually tears us apart and make us quick to attack each other. However, we have a choice to make, a decision to take. We could either keep fighting one another, throwing missiles, tearing our countries apart and fight our battles independently, or live in harmony and share beautiful moments together. The latter is what we preach today, through the celebration of our International community day.

Holy Child College, being a subset of the Universal Church, is an international community that welcomes ideas and people from around the world. Here in our college, we have embraced global harmony, and seek to preach it to every human. By efforts such as this celebration, we intend to re-echo the importance of oneness.

Hence on Saturday, 27th November, 2021, the event started behind schedule, as a result of a downpour.

Parents were seen trouping into the College in their numbers as early as 9.00 A.M. Students also appeared well dressed in their costumes and T-shirts. The environment was colorful and the students participated energetically through the course of the program.

Thirteen countries were showcased on that day, these countries were selected from the different continents of the world that is Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Asia. The students expressed their knowledge of the countries which they represented as shown in their dance displays, presentation of their country’s food and culture.

The thirteen countries involved were: Cameroon, Brazil, Scotland, Cuba, Haiti, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Philippines, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria.

Awards were presented based on:
• Country’s Meal
• Country’s Costume
• Dance presentation and *Knowledge of Country’s Culture.

At the end of the event, the following countries were awarded these positions;
Haiti – 1st
Brazil – 2nd
South Africa – 3rd

In addition, prizes were given to the following countries with the
Best costume – Brazil
Best Dance – Nigeria
Best food – India.

It was indeed an interesting and exciting day for all present. We glorify God’s name for the opportunity of witnessing the event.

– Mrs. Carol Ogbaji, SHCJ Associate

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