Congratulations Holy Child Model School Graduates!

10 August 2016

… Generally, one may ask; why do people graduate from school? Graduation at this level for pupils is very significant because it concludes the first stage of their education and begins another. It is a worthwhile experience that can never be wiped away from the sands of time. It is a special moment of joy that comes with a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment particularly for graduating pupils. This is a great reality for them.


For the Sisters, it is a dream come true; a birth of many children through hard work, fidelity and trust in the God of the work. For the teachers, it is an expression that they have not wasted their time, presence and talents. For parents and guardians, it is also their graduation from school and they have not wasted their resources. For the rest of the pupils, there is absolute hope of completing their primary school education.

This is the aura that permeated the air of Wednesday 20th July 2016. It was the 18th graduation and Prize-Giving Day ceremony of Holy Child Model Nursery and Primary School, Otupko, Benue State, Nigeria. It was a very distinctive graduation ceremony because the school was graduating 72 pupils (also referred to as the 72 disciples); the largest number since the inception of the school. They are a special class because of their show of maturity, communal work and prowess.


The day’s celebration started at 10:00 am. It saw the graduating pupils; sisters and parents match gorgeously to the beating of the school band to the place of the celebration. Presentations from different classes like a welcome song, cultural dance, news cast, poem recitation, head girl’s speech, head boy’s farewell remarks and many others added color to the celebration. The graduating class also cut a beautiful cake of green, red and white colors which stood for – the life that has been given and nurtured these years of schooling thorough Masses and reception of the sacraments, power which is the knowledge they have acquired and a life of holiness and good morals they have been taught respectively.


In addition, there was show of appreciation to sisters who had completed their mission in the school. This was for their meritorious dedication to the holistic growth of the pupils.

Without mincing words, we celebrate these great leaders of our time, we rejoice with them, we thank God for them and wish them His great presence. We pray that they may be open to the fulfillment of God’s Will in their lives.


Long live Holy Child Model Nursery and Primary School!!

Long live Society of the Holy Child Jesus!!!

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