Celebrate the Season of Creation

Celebrate World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation with the Holy Child Sisters and the world community. Make time between September 1st – October 4th to reflect and pray with us.

Two Holy Child Sisters Make Final Vows

25 August 2016 By Sr. Ann Schulte, SHCJ On Saturday 13th August, 2016, there was an air of expectation as a group of sisters and family members walked from Holy Child College to St. Gregory College’s beautiful new Chapel. A rousing hymn from Dodan Baracks choir, Lagos accompanied the SHCJ sisters with the two candidates […]

Holy Child Novices Make Temporary Vows

17 August 2016 By Stella Envulu, SHCJ In a fast, growing, technological world ruled by materialism and individualism like ours, it is a joy to realize that young people are still willing to give their lives to the service of God and humanity. It is a noble call that is worthwhile. God is worth chasing. […]

SHCJ Temporary Professed Members Gather

10 August 2016 Is Mercy our Charism? This question was the center of reflection this year by the Temporary Professed members of the Society. It was the occasion of our annual workshop and meeting. This year, sisters in Temporary Vows from Ghana, Tchad and of course the host country Nigeria, precisely 40 in number, gathered […]

Congratulations Holy Child Model School Graduates!

10 August 2016 … Generally, one may ask; why do people graduate from school? Graduation at this level for pupils is very significant because it concludes the first stage of their education and begins another. It is a worthwhile experience that can never be wiped away from the sands of time. It is a special […]