What is Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation?

A human being is part of the whole. To experience ourselves as something separate from the rest is a kind of optical delusion. This delusion is a kind of prison for us.

Albert Einstein

By Jean Newbold, SHCJ

The great gift of modern cosmology, which tells the Story of the Universe as far as we know it today, is to describe scientifically what mystics, poets, philosophers and thinkers have intuitively known all along: ALL IS ONE. We are part of a great Living Whole that had a beginning some 13.8 billion years ago. We human beings are an integral part of this Whole. Creation is not something separate from us. We ARE Creation in the form of humans.

The Earth, formed from the explosion of a star some 5 billion years ago, slowly, over millions of years produced life in all its myriad forms. We humans come from the same source as everything else. We are intimately connected to everything else. We are genetically related to everything else. We BELONG. Earth is our home. The Natural World and the human community are one integrated whole. There is therefore a deep connection between nature and global justice. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. We are dependent on the Earth for life itself. With all the knowledge we now have, we have to ask ourselves this question: Is it time for humanity to rethink our relationship with what we call “creation”?

Modern cosmology, with its growing understanding of an evolving universe, helps to provide a new vision of who we are as the human community in this stupendous Universe/ Earth Story and the part we are invited to play in the flourishing of ALL life.

      Everything in the Heavens, on the Earth and under the Earth

           Is penetrated with connectedness,

                                           Is penetrated with relatedness.                              –

Hildegarde of Bingen



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