We’re Going to Be on Motherhouse Road Trip!

A Nun’s Life Ministry will be visiting SHCJ’s Rosemont, Pa. home New Sharon on a Motherhouse Road TripFriday, April 24, 2015, at 5:00 p.m.

The “Road Trip” is a podcast that is live-streamed (audio and video) over the Internet. Anita Quigley, SHCJ, Director of Vocations for the American Province, and Pat Phillips, SHCJ, Executive Director of Wordnet, will join the show’s hosts Julie Vieira, IHM and Maxine Kollasch, IHM to talk about topics such as discernment, prayer, and spirituality.

You can connect to the show via the Internet on April 24 at A Nun’s Life LIVE.

The purpose of the Motherhouse Road Trip series is to help connect Catholic sisters and nuns with an online community that is supportive of vocations and deeply interested in the lives and works of women religious.

A Nun’s Life Ministry was founded in 2006 by Sister Julie and Sister Maxine, who are IHM Sisters from Monroe, Michigan. A Nun’s Life is a pioneer in combining technology, social media, and vocations outreach in highly interactive and pastoral ways.

A Nun’s Life Ministry encourages people to understand their life as a vocation. The mission of A Nun’s Life is to help people discover and grow in their vocation by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life.

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