Twin Sisters Profess Perpetual Vows in the Society

14 December 2020

History has beautifully repeated itself in the Catholic Diocese of Navrongo- Bolgatanga, when twin Rev. Srs, Felicity Amikiya and Perpetua Amikiya made their perpetual Profession of Vows in the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, (SHCJ).

His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Agyenta, Bishop of Navrongo- Bolgatanga Diocese presided at the Eucharistic Celebration which took place at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Bolgatanga, Saturday 5th December 2020.

Rev. Srs. Felicity Amikiya & Perpetua Amikiya

In his powerful homily, Bishop Agyenta addressed the twins directly saying, “This is not a day of celebrating personal achievement neither is it a graduation ceremony when you get a Certificate”. He called the occasion, “a Commissioning: a Day of Commitment”. The Catholic Prelate went further and explained that what Srs Felicity and Perpetua were about to undertake was not a Sacrament but had three concrete elements that gave it lasting sacramental effects. He listed those three elements of commissioning for Mission that guarantees its lasting effects as follows:

• The mission is clearly spelt out.
• The challenges that accompany the mission is clearly spelt out.
• What guarantees the success of the mission are clearly spelt out.

With reference to the three readings of the day including the Psalm, Bishop Agyenta disclosed that all the elements were contained in the readings: Jeremiah was clearly told what to do, the challenges involved and God’s abiding support of him, if only he would do what he was missioned to do. Paul, the bishop said was also commissioned to take the Word to the pagans and he accepted with all the suffering involved. What guarantees the success of the mission the Bishop said, was explained by Jesus who instructed all his disciples to renounce themselves and take up their cross and follow him. As the Psalm of the day stated: “Here I am Lord! I come to do your will”, all that Srs. Felicity and Perpetua Amikiya needed to do was to say yes to God and to ‘walk’ their yes at all times and in spite of all forms of challenges. The same holds true for all who are called, consecrated and commissioned, especially, the priests and the religious, orderwise “we will be on mission without the message”, the Bishop concluded.

At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration which saw the twin Sisters profess their Perpetual Vows in the presence of the SHCJ Provincial (African Province), Rev. Sr. Helen Ebede, and all the witnesses, the Vows were duly signed by the designated authorities including the Bishop. The mother of the Day, Madam Amikiya, relatives and friends of the Amikiya family and the people of Sumburungu, the hometown of the twin Rev. Sisters were visibly present and happy. The Choirs – the Sacred Heart Choir, Bolgatanga and the Sumburungu Choir sang beautifully in both English and in native airs. The priests and people were present in their numbers including the Secretary General of the National Catholic Secretariat, Accra, Rev. Fr. Lazarus Anondee who hails from the area and Rev. Fr. Dieu-Donne Kofi Davor, an Associate in mission with the SHCJ. These with the SHCJs, the Rev. Brothers and Rev. Sisters from other Congregations formed a galaxy of Priests and Religious at the joyful occasion.

It would be recalled that this is not the first time the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese has given her twin daughters to the SHCJ. This Diocese had in the past given to the SHCJ, their equally beautiful twin Sisters in the persons of Rev. Srs. Emmanuella and Evelyn Ekweongo from the same Bolgatanga and the duo were also present at this wonderful Ceremony. This is the reason why this report recalled that history has beautifully repeated itself to the glory of God.

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