Our Lady of Nigeria Second Term Highlights

17 April, 2019

Here are some highlights of 2nd term 2018-19 at Our Lady of Nigeria Nursery Primary School, Oghara.

A few weeks after resumption of term on 7th February, 2019, we were cheered by the visit of the Society Leader, Sr. Veronica Openibo. She encouraged the pupils to be good ambassadors of the school and spoke passionately to members of staff on child rights protection and Cornelia Connelly’s philosophy of education.

15th March Seminar on Child Abuse Versus SHCJ Child Rights Protection Policy

This seminar/workshop was very engaging. It was well attended and materials were drawn from the 2017 Conference on Gender abuse organised by African Faith and justice Network as well as the policy of the SHCJ African province of Child Rights protection and of course, the ideas from Sr Veronica during her visit. Teachers are on pink top and black; their dress code for the day, mixed with parents in group work. They were so enthusiastic to share real life experiences of sexual abuse and came up with suggestions on how to guard against child abuse (sexual and otherwise) and the way forward. At the end of the day, we named child protection officers for our school.

On 27th March, 2019, we had a very exciting excursion to Ogba Zoological Park in Benin City. Pupils were fascinated seeing in person the animals they watched on National Geographic Wild. We learnt a lot about animal behavioural patterns and drew lessons from them.


18th and 28th March 2019 pupils and staff were introduced to “Basics,” a new Montessori game for learning Maths and English. Pupils and staff loved it and competed keenly.



The climax for the term was the Colour Day celebration.

We celebrated 8 colours namely: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink and Orange. Indeed, the day was so colourful as the whole venue was arrayed with these colours. Parents, staff and guests belonged to the different Colour groups, thus, they came dressed in their Colour. Pupils were so creative in educating parents and guests on the meaning of each colour through speeches, poems, songs, dances, drama, debates, etc. Pupils presented gifts they made themselves with love to their parents and spoke beautiful words of appreciation. They were full of gestures.

It was really a colourful day. Each colour had fascinating stories and facts to convince she was the best, all these culminated in a Colour drama where at the end they realized that even though each was unique and beautiful, the real beauty is in the Rainbow, in unity and love.

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