November Leaves: Reflection and Prayer

November 9, 2016 By Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ Although tree leaves are dropping only in the cool Northern Hemisphere, November is an appropriate month for the whole world to reflect on […]

The Feast of St. Teresa Celebrated at Mayfield

26 October 2016 By Maria Dinnendahl, SHCJ Mayfield School in East Sussex, England recently celebrated the Society’s Feast – as Foundress’ Day – on Friday 14th October as the students […]

A Letter to Our Friends

October 15, 2016 Dear Friends, The members of the Society are gathering in different ways and places to celebrate the founding feasts of St. Edward and St. Teresa in 1846. […]

Drawing Cornelia’s Story

October 11, 2016 The Society is celebrating 170 years this week. Art has always held a special place within the tradition and spirit of the Society of the Holy Child […]

A Reflection on 170 Years of Existence

October 10, 2106 The Society is celebrating 170 years this week. By Maria Ogochukwu Manu, SHCJ “For this is our mission: to help others to believe that he lives and […]