New Life!: A Short Story In Honor of Saint Teresa of Avila

October 10, 2106

In honor of the great Saint Teresa of Avila and on the feast of the little Saint Therese of Lisieux, Jeanne Marie Guerin, SHCJ scripted this short story. The Society is celebrating 170 years this week.

New Life!

The creeping darkness wove its way around the small red plant. Final rays of sun touched raindrops on the window screen and blessed that little plant, whose name begins with “K”.


Mirela eased out of her comfortable chair and strolled to her half-neat little cupboard. There it was, her flower-printed round tin box. Lifting the lid, she took out the small cardboard box marked “Pignoli”.

How many tiny shells she’d cracked to make her favorite sweetbread. Aroma of it baking filled her memory. Gone but still remembered. She shook the box—one shell remained.

Mirela took the shell, then folded the cardboard for recycling. She slipped into her easy chair, a small smile on her lips. “Ho, little shell—a little dry and brittle aren’t you?”

She pressed it hard—a tiny crack. The pine nut split in two—but in its crack stood free a little tiny piney shoot—a brave and green new tree.

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