Nativity Scenes Show Different Ways of Adoration

Dec. 26, 2016

Corn husks in the United States; thorn wood from Nigeria; ceramics in Chile…

A Nativity scene from Peru

The materials artists from around the world use to depict the birth of Jesus contribute to how we think about Advent and Christmas, indeed about God. Over the years the Society has accumulated a small collection of international Nativity scenes that are currently displayed at New Sharon in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

“I hope that it will deepen the recognition that Jesus came for all nations,” said Sister Catherine Quinn, SHCJ, who oversees the exhibit.

Every year from the beginning of December, friends of the Holy Child community can participate in a spiritual reflection and self-guided tour of the scenes. Alongside Sister Catherine, Cathi Duffy, Director of SHCJ Associates for the American Province, organises the annual event. The two “had the desire to create reflective time, enjoyment and an affirmation of our spirituality around the Word made flesh.”

A Nativity scene made in Vietnam

Members of Holy Child ministries and schools are invited to the exhibit. Sister Catherine said she hopes that the children in particular learn that “there are different ways of expressing our affection and devotion to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.”  One of her favorite scenes is from Vietnam because, she said, “how happy are the Holy Family members depicted”.



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  1. Karen Nelson

    The simplest way to show how GOD our farther loves ALL of us. To be a part of our everyday lives. How most of us live., Etc. Thank-you