Media Roundup: SHCJ Leader Addresses Bishops

Society Leader Veronica Openibo, SHCJ, recently spoke on behalf of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) at the Vatican meeting on the protection of minors in the Church. Her message of the necessity of complete transparency in the Church was picked up far and wide. Below are links to a sample of media coverage.

CNN: A nun just read the riot act to Catholic bishops over clergy sex abuse

LaCroix International: Women at Vatican summit call bishops to complete transparency Nuns hope more women at summit sets standard for future Vatican meetings

Religion News Service: Bishops told transparency needed to overcome clergy abuse crisis

The Tablet: Nigerian sister urges bishops to face up to abuse

America Magazine: Nigerian sister asks bishops: Why did the church allow atrocities of sex abuse to remain secret?

Vatican News: Protection of Minors: Sr. Openibo ‘Church needs openness and transparency’

African Times: Nigerian nun warns that church sex abuse is Africa’s problem too

Charleston Chronicle: Nigerian Nun Shames Catholic Church for Silence on Sex Abuse

Independent Catholic News: Nigerian Sister Veronica Openibo addresses Protection of Minors Summit – FULL TEXT

PBS News Hour:

Guardian News:

Catholic News Service:

UISG’s Press Conference on Protection of Minors in the Church:

Watch Sr. Veronica’s talk in full:


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