Life as a Holy Child Volunteer in the Dominican Republic

Holy Child volunteers serve at the mission site of the Sisters of the Holy Child in the Dominican Republic, which encompasses both a school and medical clinic. They provide quality education and service by teaching in the school for one or two years.

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Every year, four Holy Child volunteers live in community and discover that by focusing on the needs of others they themselves grow personally, spiritually, adscf1642nd professionally.

One of our current volunteers, Gabby, has written about life in the batey. She writes:

The people here live quite simply and are some of the most joy-filled people I’ve met. They are fighters. They are persistent. They do not give up. They have taught me how to be stronger and continue to inspire me to be a better person. As I embark on my last 6 months here, I continue to ask for your prayers. Not for myself, but for these people, my people, who show me every day that Jesus is alive and works in us.

Read Gabby’s blog post in full here.

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