Holy Child Sisters Pen Song and Poem to Celebrate Society’s 170 Years

October 12, 2016

The Society is celebrating 170 years this week.

Holy Child Sisters Katharine Holmstrom and Agnes Solomon expressed their love for the Society by writing a song and poem, respectively.

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By Agnes Solomon, SHCJ


There was a nun by name ‘Cornie’

Who toiled to get a place for God

With other nuns she worked non-stop

Until the place was fit for use.


Cornelia Connelly a woman of action

The foundress of the SHCJ

Oh no, she said the founder was God

On ‘a broken heart’, history says.


15th October 1846

Mass was said, the first for the nuns

Their meal was skimpy, so they report

‘Bones, blessed be God’ they ate in joy.


Today 170 years have passed

The ‘little society’ has grown

Far from England in distance

Yet near in spirit and charism.


The Lord of increase in every way

Has blessed the Society in many ways

Has multiplied experiences that enrich us

Has rewarded CC and other faithful women.


One Response to “Holy Child Sisters Pen Song and Poem to Celebrate Society’s 170 Years”

  1. Irene Ekeng

    Agsol, well done for this beautiful poem on our 170th birthday and a very happy feastday to all SHCJ s and Associates throughout the world. May we all continue to build our faith like Cornelia did and bring the Society to greater height. Remember’ Fidelity in little things’.
    Submitted by Irene Ekeng