Advent Reflections 2022

Fourth Sunday of Advent

This Sunday the psalmist invites us to

Let the Lord enter; he is king of glory.

Be it done unto me.

Be it done unto me.


How can you who encompass all things

be encompassed by me?

In whose image I’m wondrously made,

be made, then, of me.

from a song by Bob Hurd


Third Sunday of Advent                                                                                     


 This Sunday the psalmist invites us to pray:

Lord, come and save us


that we may celebrate life

in all its magnificence, multiplicity and mystery:

unbiddable, unstoppable, unquenchable.  Amen


   adapted: Nicola Slee



Second Sunday of Advent

Today the psalmist reminds us

Justice shall flourish in his time

Synonyms for the verb to flourish can expand our thoughts and prayer:
thrive, prosper, grow, develop, succeed, multiply, evolve,
sprout, blossom, flower, bloom, spread, proliferate …






and those for the noun can remind us of God who is known by
extravagance, generosity flamboyance, prodigality, exuberance, unrestraint…

May we open ourselves to receive Advent graces.


First Sunday of Advent

On this first Sunday of Advent the psalmist urges us,

“Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord”


– trusting we will find light for our path

if only we open our eyes in humble places.

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