Advent Reflections 2018: Paths to Peace

26 November, 2018

By Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ

Download Advent Reflections 2018: Paths to Peace.

Explore the meaning of peace in the light of justice and whole-making; the inner journey and consciousness; obstacles to inner and outer (world-wide) peace; and a final reflection on Mary and Eucharist. An additional page focuses on the obstacles to inner and outer peace created by current weaponry. Each week includes excerpts from the Sunday readings, times of silence, awareness of divinity living and acting within us and our world, and suggestions for the week. Useful for individuals but designed for groups, the weeks’ topics include the following:

~ The meaning of Peace
~ It’s an Inside Job
~ Obstacles Were Made to be Transformed
~ Mary, Blessed and Peaceful Woman

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