25 Years in the Making: A Reflection by Carmen Chavez

April 15, 2020

Carmen M. Chavez, Esq. – Executive Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center

This year I celebrate my 25th year of association with Casa Cornelia Law Center. It has been a profound journey of hard work, accomplishment, and adversity. I cherish what has become my life’s work. I remain always grateful to the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and everyone who has enriched my life and supported Casa Cornelia. Like many, I started my journey as a volunteer, and then became an attorney and now Executive Director. Although much has changed both at Casa Cornelia and in the world at large since I started as a volunteer, Casa Cornelia’s mission and purpose has not – we serve every day with the focus on the people.

Carmen giving a present to a client during 2019 Cornelia’s Children Toy Shop.

As I reflect on my years at Casa Cornelia, I think back to my first clients, an indigenous family from Central America. They had fled their country due to violence based on their ethnic background and perceived political opinion. Their strength and hope empowered me to prevail in their case and continue to inspire my work to this day.

In my 25 years, Casa Cornelia has grown in both size and capability. As demand and challenges continue to mount, our vision is to continue zealously answering the needs of the most vulnerable and champion their human rights. We are confident that the work we do helps make the world a better place. On behalf of all our staff and supporters, I ask your blessings and prayers for this good work to continue.

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