Pray With Us

Monthly Meditation

January 2020 A four minute reflection on on the New Year's invitation to us to care deeply for our home planet, Earth, from Society of the Holy Child Jesus on Vimeo . Every month the Society posts a meditation...

A Prayer for our Pilgrimage

By Philomena Grimley, SHCJ [vimeo id="171953426"] Take a few minutes to reflect on our life's journey as being a pilgrimage, knowing that our pilgrimage is a way to God.

A Prayer to the Holy Spirit Video Meditation

Reflection by Rosemarie Tedesco, SHCJ [vimeo id="167181569"] A Prayer to the Holy Spirit -- a three and a half minute meditation asking the Holy Spirit to fill us with the gifts of love, compassion, and mercy and to transform us to be "agents...

Easter 2016 Video Meditation

Reflection by Josephine Anto, SHCJ [vimeo id="160137377"] A three-minute reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus and his appearance to Mary Magdala and the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Every month the Society posts a meditation...

Finding Beauty and Color in Darkness

[arve url=""] In this three-minute meditation, we reflect on how darkness is a starting point to finding beauty in ourselves and others. We are also reminded to remember our deceased loved ones.
Giving Thanks for God’s Faithful Love

Giving Thanks for God’s Faithful Love

[arve url=""/] A three and a half minute meditation at the end of the Church Year where we reflect on God's faithful love and our grateful response.

Have You Ever Experienced Something Breathtaking?

[vimeo id="176499370"] Make time for this four-minute reflection on the call to all followers of Jesus to be light for the world by listening with attention to his transfiguring word.

Lent 2016 Monthly Meditation

Reflection by Philomena Grimley, SHCJ [vimeo id="154764646"] Lenten Reflection: What stirs in your heart on this Spirit-led journey? Every month the Society posts a meditation video with reflection questions that help us build the Holy Child community...

Spirituality Resources

In the name Cornelia Connelly gave the congregation she founded, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, she expressed her insight into the mystery of God who became human to save us. Members of the Society continue to be drawn by the Spirit today in...

Prayer Requests

Sisters of the Holy Child bring to prayer the needs of the world and the concerns of our families and friends, old and new. In a special way sisters in the Retirement Houses of the Society have prayer as their principal ministry. If you would like...

Sisters Remembered

Please join us in praying for our sisters who have recently died: 2019 Date Name October 26 Nora Sweeney - American Province August 22 Jane Dawley - American Province July 13 Ann Murray - American Province...