Frequently Asked Questions

The Society of the Holy Child Jesus, founded by Cornelia Connelly in 1846, is an international congregation of religious women in the Catholic Church. Inspired by the vision and spirit of Cornelia, today’s members are alert to the needs of the twenty-first century and continue to reach out in service to others just as she did.

Cornelia Connelly, an American-born wife and mother and a zealous convert became the founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus in England in 1846. View a complete timeline of her life by clicking here and read about her story here and here.

The Society spans four continents. You can find its members in the Chad, Chile, Dominican Republic, England, France, Ghana, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, and the United States. We work collaboratively with others in educational, spiritual, pastoral, social and healthcare ministries.

Members of the Society have enjoyed companions in their mission for as long as the Society has existed. But in recent years a more formal program of association has been evolving across the world. Associates join the Society in spirit and mission, in prayer and spirituality, in joy and hope to share the gifts that Cornelia and the Spirit have been in their lives.

Ask each vowed member of the Society how God drew her to make such a commitment and she will give a unique answer. Support and encouragement is needed for anyone wanting to make an informed choice about this way of life. Sisters are available who have the commitment, skill and time to help a person in her discernment.

Visit our African, American, and European province vocation pages for more information.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to rejoice in God’s presence and to help people believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world. Wherever we are and whatever our ministry, we help people develop their gifts and talents so that they can lead meaningful lives and make a difference in the world. Our shared lives and our personal relationships with God inspire individual and corporate actions toward a more just, compassionate and harmonious world.