Cornelia’s Europe 1835-1837

Churches and Other Significant Places Cornelia and her Family Visited

Cornelia was probably a frequent visitor at Propaganda Fide, Piazza di Spagna, where her spiritual director, Msgr. von Reisach, was rector of the College. There she met Cardinal Fransoni who became a friend of hers, he was prefect of the Congregation, and John McCloskey was a student priest.

She visited S Maria Maggiore to worship at the high altar where the supposed relic of the crib enshrined, taking her children with her, and by special invitation was there for the consecration as bishop of Msgr. von Reisach by Pope Gregory XVI.

In the Palazzo Odescalchi, Cornelia and the family visited Cardinal Weld. In this chapel Pierce was received into the Church and both Connellys were confirmed.

Cornelia prayed in the Church of the Gesu, where the tomb of Ignatius, the high altar and the chapel of Our Lady of the Way were already there as they are now.

Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

Franciscan Church Aracoeli

Chiesa di Sant' Ignazio di Loyola, at the altar of S. Aloysius Gonzaga under whose protection she put her son Mercer.

During the Octave of the Epiphany she followed daily homilies in S. Carlo al Corso to celebrate the Incarnation. In 1837 Cornelia attended a week of liturgical celebrations of the Epiphany, including sermons by Joacchino Venture, which were hugely popular and were based at this church on the Corso.

She attended the services of Holy Week conducted by the pope in the Sistine Chapel, and watched the Easter firework display over the Castel S. Angelo from rooms on the Tor di Nona bank of the Tiber.

Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran - The Cathedral of Rome, first established during the 4th century, and the most important of the major Roman basilicas.

Sant’ Andrea Della Vale - Cornelia absorbed theology and spirituality of the Incarnation from the Epiphany sermons of Gioacchino Venture, a Theatine father at this church. She kept a copy of his sermons all her life.