Catriona McPhail SHCJ

I am currently living in a community in Takoradi, Ghana where my main ministry is teaching midwifery at the local School of Nursing and Midwifery. Strangely, I spent some time living and working in Ghana before I entered the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and I never expected to be here again.

I, like many people, wanted from an early age to be of some good in the world, to make a difference. For me that difference has been in providing healthcare, specifically midwifery. I have been drawn to work where the service of midwifery has been most needed, not only in Ghana but in other areas of the world and of the UK, places where, it seemed to me, the needs of women and children were most neglected.

I made a retreat in 1990 and met there in friendship a Christ who called me to a deeper integration of my professional work and spiritual life, and much to my surprise that integration led me to become a sister of the Holy Child Jesus.
As a Holy Child sister my life continues to be an ever deepening cycle of calls and responses. In that, I know, I am like many, many people who seek and search for ‘a way’.

Our Constitutions highlight that our mission is ‘to help others believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world, and to rejoice in God’s presence’ and I am certain that my work as a midwifery tutor helps others to perceive the work of God in themselves as midwives and in the women and babies they will care for, and we rejoice daily in the presence of God.

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