Providence Center Awarded Grant for Middle School Program

February 22, 2017

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia (CFGP) has awarded Providence Center a $15,000 grant for the creation of a middle school Leadership Program.

Providence Center is located in the Fairhill neighborhood of Philadelphia where the poverty rate is the highest in the city. The Center provides a Teen Leaders program that hires local high school students during their sophomore year. The teens serve as role models and mentors for the young children who attend Providence Center's after school program. These teens are also mentored by Providence Center staff, and are supported through their high school graduations and in some cases, their first year of college.

Providence Center’s Teen Leaders program has been extremely successful. Not only do the young children benefit through their leadership, but the teens do as well. They are held accountable by the students they mentor, which in turn motivates them to excel in school and pursue college degrees. Because of these successes, Providence Center felt it was necessary to start leadership training for students during middle school.

Providence Center’s Middle School Leadership Program will give students the opportunity to build their leadership skills and prepare them to become Teen Leaders in high school. The activities will instruct them on how to work with children constructively, how to support others as a role model, and how to make positive changes in the community. Students in the Middle School Leadership Program will also participate in additional activities such as community analysis, service projects, and receive tutoring assistance from the Teen Leaders.

Congratulations to Providence Center on their awarded grant and new program!

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