International Women’s Day Celebration at SC LAMP

3 May, 2022

Diana Pinto – Executive Director, South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)

SC LAMP is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

This year’s International Women’s Day celebration offered several of our mothers the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion of women who shared experiences similar to theirs.

One panelist was a former student of South-Central LAMP, a second panelist was her daughter, now working at SCLAMP. The third panelist also currently works with us as our Front Office Manager, doing so for over 20 years.

The discussions focused on both challenges and successes each panelist encountered on her journey to empowerment. Two panelists who are mothers described their biggest challenge – to let go of the expectations of what a woman should or should not be. They shared that they had to “fight” to get an education and often were judged for trying to “better” themselves.

The daughter of the former student touchingly described how her mother’s fortitude was her inspiration to go to college. She said she saw how hard her mother fought to receive an education at LAMP, now determined she would not let her mother’s sacrifices go to waste. Seeing how LAMP had supported her mother, she wanted to be part of the work we do.

While this event may have been small in number, the reflections shared had a profound effect on the attendees, reinforcing all that SCLAMP strives to instill in our students. These panelists they met were, in fact, a living testament to the positive effects which occur when we allow ourselves to let go of presupposed expectations and seek to find our own way. How proud we are of our graduates who now make such a difference in our world, no matter where they live or work!

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