Cornelia Connelly’s Cause for Canonization

November 20, 2017

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) extended a wonderful invitation to the Holy Child Sisters to share information about Venerable Cornelia Connelly, the Founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, at their November meeting.

(Left to right): Sisters Carlotta Bartone and Nancy Callahan in the reception area at USCCB meeting where they distributed information about Venerable Cornelia Connelly.

The week leading up to the USCCB meeting, several Holy Child Sisters gathered in Rosemont, PA, to organize information packets for each bishop. The materials included a book on Cornelia, written by SHCJ Associate Judy Talvacchia, and prayer cards.

Carlotta Bartone, SHCJ, postulator for Cornelia’s cause for canonization and a canon lawyer, added a note to the bishops’ packets thanking them for their time and interest. She invited the bishops to share information about Cornelia in their dioceses and expressed hope that one day Cornelia will be added to the growing list of American saints.

On Saturday, November 11, Sisters Carlotta and Nancy Callahan, SHCJ, travelled from Rosemont to Baltimore, MD, where they met SHCJ Associate Anita Martineau, to distribute the packets in the registration area of where the bishops were meeting. They also had a supply of the book Westward Ho on hand for bishops interested in supplemental materials. Westward Ho provides an account of the Holy Child Sisters who made foundations in the Western areas of the United States, including Minnesota and Wyoming.

Cornelia Connelly, born in 1809 and raised in Philadelphia, was a wife, mother, convert, and founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. In his book Making Saints, Kenneth Woodward, former religion editor of Newsweek Magazine, states that “Of all the …causes to reach the Congregation [for the Causes of Saints] …none is more arresting than the case of Mother Cornelia Connelly…

To learn more about Cornelia, please visit our website and download a book about her life.

We invite you join us in prayer to advance Cornelia’s cause for canonization. Please report any favors requested and/or favors received to one of the addresses below.

Generalate Office

Casa Cornelia

Via della Maglianella 379 • 00166 Rome, Italy

African Province Office

P.O. Box 52465 Ikoyi

Lagos Code 100001 • Nigeria, West Africa

American Province Office

1341 Montgomery Avenue

Rosemont, PA 19010 • USA

European Province Office

Victoria Charity Centre

11 Belgrave Road • London SW1V 1RB, England

4 Responses to “Cornelia Connelly’s Cause for Canonization”


    Great presentation. Thank you.
    Jeanne Marie Guerin, SHCJ

  2. Sr Evelyn Thompson

    Very inspiring news! We hope and pray Cornelia will become more widely known and loved.

  3. Irene Ekeng

    Good News there about Mother Foundress’ cause. We Done Carlotta. Things are brightening up somewhat.
    God Bless. Happy Thanks giving to all my American sisters , Associates and Friends wherever you are on the planet. Have a lovely Holiday and enjoy with family and friends. Love and prayers,
    Irene, SHCJ

  4. Ann Schulte

    Well done Carlotta and Nancy! We are praying for a miracle cure of cancer for a priest who has been given six months to live. It would be great if the Cause can make the next step to “Blessed,” and that her life can be known by more people.